Martial Arts Weapons

Martial arts has become popular all over the world, but one of the most sought after in the arts is its excellent weaponry; martial arts weapons can expand and broaden one’s training while also challenging the skills of the wielder. The variety of weapons utilized in the world of martial arts can be categorized either by the martial arts school that utilize these or by the type of weapon available.

Martial Arts

Martial arts is considered as an arranged system, as well as traditions of combat training that are practiced for a variety of uses and reasons: for various applications that are related to law enforcement and military, self-defense, as well as a form of mental and spiritual enhancement and development. Martial arts are also a means of entertainment and a way to preserve every nation’s well-protected cultural heritage.
Generally speaking, the term martial arts have been linked with Eastern Asia’s fighting and combat but it is originally described the European combat system during the early 1550’s. Its term was borrowed from a Latin word that means arts of Mars who is the Roman God of war. This may also be classified based on a variety of techniques: unarmed versus armed, and based on these given groups, can also be divided into the types of weapons used – swordsmanship, stick combat, and a lot more. It can also be categorized under the type of combat such as stand-up battle versus ground battle and striking versus grappling.

Martial Arts Weapons

Martial arts weapons primarily refer to the non-ballistic weapons that have been produced in Asia even before the 1900’s, and most of these weapons were created in China; although the earliest recorded note of a weapon that was utilized for killing purposes is a four-hundred thousand-year-old throwing spear made from wood found in Germany, the earliest recorded metallic weapon that appeared was in 5000 B.C. during the Chinese Neolithic period and it was a lance that featured a coppered spear tip.
Studying and learning about the history of martial arts weapons offers every individual a chance to visit the past; plus the stories, folklore, and legends that surround the weapon’s history, as well as the challenges involved in mastering or perfecting this all adds up to the mystique and curiosity about the weapons. Utilizing different martial arts weapons can also help determine the values and beliefs of the individual wielding the weapon; an example would be a sword such as the shinken Katana, which is regarded as a blade that exhibits justice and bravery, as well as a symbol of war, honor, and military skills.

The Different Types of Martial Arts Weapons

There is a way to determine the different types of martial arts weapons and this is by utilizing a two-group system: one is for the bladed or edged weapons while the other is for non-bladed or blunt weapons. When the weapon does not feature a cutting edge that is utilized for slicing or even a sharpened tip for puncturing, this is most likely a blunt weapon.

Blunt Weapons

Although its edges are not sharpened, blunt weapons can still cause damage via clubbing, stunning, or bludgeoning; the most common blunt martial arts weapons that aren’t utilized as practice replica weapons include the Buddha hand, bench, crutch – cane and tonfa, the club – three-section staff, truncheon, nunchaku, the fan, iron ring, and a lot more.

Edged weapons

All weapons that have a sharpened edge perfect for slicing, cutting, slashing, or has a sharpened point utilized for stabbing, puncturing, or thrusting are most likely edged. The most common edged martial arts weapons include the following: clubs, axes, spears, maces, farm tools, forks, as well as a variety of knives, daggers, and swords. The shinken Katana is one of the samples of an edged weapon.

Blunt weapons are generally effective but edged weapons are the blades that have made history and garnished the awe and respect of almost every individual around. Those who practice martial arts using edged weapons can readily stab, cut, slice, and puncture their targets with outstanding force and efficiency, plus they can also execute a variety of moves with more finesse yet with lesser effort compared to practitioners who make use of blunt weapons.

Purchasing Martial Arts Weapons for Sale

When purchasing martial arts weapons for sale, a practitioner should only buy a weapon that is appropriate and adequate for the type of martial arts that they will practice; it will also be based on their level of experience in the art. There are a lot of martial arts weapons in the market today that feature sharpened edges such as the shinken Katana while some other weapons like the Shinai do not feature a sharpened blade. Also, one should consider the types of materials used when buying martial arts weapons for sale to avoid any form of injury during practice or competitions, and to ensure the longevity of the weapon.