Kendo Store

Kendo Store

Practicing Kendo is not just to perfect a Samurai’s skills when it comes to wielding a sword, but it is also practiced to develop their mental power, inner strength, as well as their character. Kendo is a unique martial art that disciplines a person mentally and physically since the practice contains a few elements that are associated with the art of Zen. The art of meditation and controlled breathing from the lower abdomen are all integrated into the training of Kendo so the Samurai warriors from history and the Kendoka’s of today both strive to acquire the perfection of character and calmness of spirit through the principles and learnings of Zen and Kendo.

For every Kendo practitioner, shopping at a Kendo store for various equipment will be vital since these are necessary for practicing the martial art. Listed below are some quick tips to follow when purchasing Kendo equipment for sale, and which kind of Kendo store one should purchase from:

Find a Kendo Store that is Dedicated to Kendo

When searching for a Kendo shop online, search through the website and find the page that thoroughly describes and explains what the appropriate length of weapon is best for certain individuals; it is also smart to find the page that helps provide the measurement and sizes for the armor to know which one is appropriate for the practitioner purchasing from the store. Keep in mind that there are some online shops that do not feature these important details so it is best to find a place that have these to know exactly which Kendo equipment for sale should be purchased.

Make Inquiries before Purchasing

When an individual finds a Kendo store online, it is best to contact their personnel via email or phone to inquire before making any purchase. Some dealers of Kendo equipment for sale can be quite rude and every Kendoka believes that even suppliers should have the proper attitude and disposition when it comes to interacting with their customers. Having the same perspectives and values towards the art of Kendo is as essential as the quality of items that the Kendo store sells; simply conversing and interacting with the seller can help a person determine what type of attitude the people in a certain Kendo shop have when it comes to Kendo.

Choose the Proper Shinai

When choosing a shinai, it should be strong, durable, and flexible; when a Kendoka puts the shinai’s tip against the floor then tries to bend it, the blade should only bend about one-third of the way from its tip. One should feel it pushing back slightly but if a weak or low-quality shinai was purchased, it would simply bend right around the guard. Additionally, the age, frame, and build of a practitioner should be considered when purchasing a sword since these determine what type of shinai should be used for training.

Selecting the Proper Armor

It is better to purchase the Bogu physically, but if this is not possible, buying a Bogu online can be quite tricky since one will not be able to see the features and craftsmanship of the item. Since this is the case, one should purchase their Bogu from a Kendo store that is legitimate and trusted since shops that have a good reputation always provide high-quality products for every customer. There are some suppliers who have craftsmen of their own and this is highly advantageous since they are able to adjust certain types of Bogu to exactly fit the customer’s measurements.

It is also necessary for a person to determine how often the Bogu will be utilized: for beginners, it is best to choose a simple yet durable Bogu to protect the Kendoka. It is not suggestible to spend too much on a customized Bogu unless the Kendoka’s size or build requires such.