Kendo Schools

Kendo Schools

In different countries, there is a plethora of martial arts schools that exhibit distinct styles and sometimes, these are introduced by individual masters or teachers for everyone to learn. It is also possible that some gyms introduce these styles as a “brand name” since martial arts can easily be organized as a type, or by regional origin. Kendo is known as a fencing martial art and it uses plastic or bamboo swords, body armor, as well as a scoring system. Also, it provides each Kendoka the chance to enter various competitions that feature legitimate authorities and a scoring system. Generally speaking, Kendo is quite similar to Judo, Karate, and other martial arts that have been created; however, the only element that makes this different from the other arts is the amount of equipment utilized.

The Dojo

The dojo is described as a training area or hall that is made as a gathering place for Kendoka to practice the art of Kendo; Dojo is a Japanese term that literally translates to “Place of the Tao” since the Dojo was also part of temples. Upon entering a dojo, this should be considered as a personal and sacred place wherein a person receives the right and permission to train and learn the arts. Everyone who enters should follow and pay strict attention to the given dojo reigi (dojo etiquette) to maintain a calm, serene, and positive atmosphere for every Kendoka practicing Kendo.
For those planning to learn Kendo, one can do a thorough online search with the words “Kendo clubs near me” and choose the nearest dojo available. This is because beginners who are training and attending Kendo schools usually go twice a week, and for those outside Korea and Japan, both females and males train together in the same group. Keep in mind that when it is the first time an individual starts training in the dojo, the experience may be painful and difficult since it requires a lot of physical and mental strength; yet despite this, there is a very low injury rate when it comes to Kendo.

Expressing a variety of Kendo ideas and techniques require Japanese terms and these are utilized in Kendo schools all over the world. This is necessary so that any individual can enter a Kendo club in Japan, as well as in any other area globally since each Kendoka will be able to understand all the terms and commands stated. Additionally, a lot of dojos teach the art of Iaido which is the art of drawing and slicing a target with the use of a real sword.

Choosing a Kendo Club

Kendo can be a very fun and healthy activity to add to one’s lifestyle so it would be a great idea to search online for dojo’s with the words “Kendo clubs near me”. However, always ensure to choose legitimate Kendo schools and make sure that one does a little research ahead of time regarding the background and reputation of the school. Here are a few important things to consider when searching for the best Kendo club:


The facilities of all Kendo schools should be organized, neat, and clean and organized. If these do not look professional nor are kept accordingly and in place, their services may also be unprofessional for that matter.

Class Considerations

When watching a Kendo class, it is a must to closely observe each Kendoka’s interaction with their instructors. The atmosphere of the class should be professional and formal but despite this, everyone should simultaneously have fun as well.


A lot of Kendo schools will require those who wish to train with them, to sign a contract that lasts for a given period; as long as the individual is comfortable in the dojo as well as around the people in the Kendo club, it will be fine for one to accept the school’s contractual requirements. Keep in mind that most Kendo schools offer a pay in full option that allows a person to save money on membership fees; it is actually a great alternative but make sure that the club is the school of choice since these options often come with a no-refund policy.