Ankle Protector

Kendo is one of the popular traditional Japanese arts and is literally translated as “the Way of the Sword”; Kendo practitioners or more commonly called the kenshi or kendoka regularly practice the art to improve their character and to discipline themselves by simply applying the varying principles of the nihonto. The purpose of practicing this traditional martial art is to hone the mind and body while simultaneously cultivating one’s strong spirit.
Kendo is also considered as a full contact traditional martial art which is why utilizing the proper protective armor is necessary to reduce or prevent any unwanted injuries; these are also necessary to provide each practitioner a specific target area for striking with the use of a bamboo sword. Yet despite making use of a wooden sword and the proper Kendo gear, it is still unavoidable to face various accidents during normal training or practice sessions.

Ankle Sprains

This is probably one of the most common injuries faced by every individual who engages in recreational sports since ankle sprains make up about twenty-five percent of all sports injuries. To prevent or reduce the risk of ankle sprains, it is best to utilize an ankle protector which has become quite a popular piece in sports that require constant jumping and quick movements. Kendo practitioners generally have a high risk of issues when it comes to their feet and arches, but are usually not seen in those individuals who have less than 3 years of training knowledge or experience.
The fumikomi ashi (the stomping action of the right foot) usually occurs around four hundred times within a single session of Kendo, and every time the Kendoka’s foot touches the floor, it acquires a certain amount of impact that is measured by four times the body weight of the individual. This is the reason why Kendo practitioners have a high risk of repetitious strain injuries to one’s foot such as the plantar fasciitis which is known as a certain type of inflammation to the fascia. Another common risk is acquiring blisters on a Kendoka’s feet and hands, plus another common concern is having cut feet; this is very common among practitioners who have just begun Kendo for a few weeks and this is because of constantly moving around with their bare feet on a wooden floor. Blisters are the most common results of an individual’s tender skin coming in contact with extreme friction so it is best to pay close attention to the condition of every Kendoka’s feet before heading out for practice. Usually, this problem gets resolved when one’s feet gets used to the wear and tear of continuous Kendo practice, but to prevent further damage or blisters, it is best to make use of a Kendo ankle protector.

The Ankle Protector

An ankle protector can be utilized as a preventive measure as well as an aid for an already present ankle injury. The types of injuries that an ankle protector can greatly help in are those where one’s body weight constantly shifts from one foot to the other at a very rapid pace; this may cause a Kendoka’s ankles to easily twist which may result to an ankle sprain. Professional athletes who are usually prone to such types of sprains make use of various types of protection in the form of braces or socks to avoid further injuries, yet sometimes, the injuries occur first and these forms of protection are still utilized by the athletes to protect the present strain from further accidents.

Benefits of Using the Ankle Protector

It prevents the recurrences of injuries

An ankle protector is highly effective when it comes to protecting sprained ankles especially during the first year after the accident or injury. Thirty to fifty percent of individuals who acquire sprains somehow develop a chronic instability which is why preventing any form of recurring injuries is highly vital; this is the reason why making use of an ankle protector is necessary to lessen the risks of acquiring more injuries in the future.

Convenient and easy to wear

An ankle protector is easy to wear and clean since it is made from a washable material. It is skin friendly and prevents the wearer from making unnecessary movements to prevent further risks or accidents.

Calms pain and swelling

Sprains usually cause a lot of excruciating pain and the ankle protector is known to support both sides of one’s ankles as well as other parts of the foot. Wearing these will help alleviate the pain and will also prevent further injuries since it stops one from making unnecessary movements to the feet.

Provides support to weak ankles

These provide adequate aid to a person’s ankle whenever necessary plus it also thoroughly protects the ankle since it is made up of excellent support on either side which is highly efficient for every area. The ankle protector is also excellent for compression which is great for reducing any signs of inflammation that follows the injury.

The Kendo Ankle Protector

To prevent further foot injuries during Kendo practice or to correct cutting and footwork with the proper posture, it is best to purchase an ankle protector for sale. This also helps prevent blisters from appearing since Kendoka’s regularly train on foot on wooden floors. The Kendo ankle protector usually lasts for about two to four months and this depends on how many times the Kendoka uses this and how hard they train for Kendo.